BLOG ARCHIVES: 2016 + 2017: A Year in Review and A Year to Look Forward To

by - July 10, 2017


2016 has taught me a few things. It was a good year for me and I think it sort of defined me as a person. I learnt that it was important for me to live a balanced life; work hard and play harder as my Mum told me. I found that as much as I work hard I need an outlet, a release. And whilst I love reading, sometimes I need a physical outlet such as going out with my friends or family. And I did that. A lot.

I'm in my last year of school, well before I go off to university, but I'm in my last year of compulsory education. Scary! Anyway, last year I took advantage of my summer. In 2015 I hardly had a summer holiday I was busy almost every day and I hated that. Last year, I took advantage of having nothing planned. I went out with my friends, with my family and I fell in love with taking pictures.

Last year taught me that whilst I need to work hard and play harder, I also need to stop stressing over everything. I stress over literally everything and it can get me into trouble, mentally. Hence why I bought an agenda with Don't stress on the front. I found it apt. I live by the calendar on my phone, I have so much planned that I'd be lost without it. But I wanted a physical copy. I'm the type of person who needs everything in front of them, that's why I'm so messy. So I'm going for a physical copy this year to keep organised for school and so I can see my homework that's due; the notes section on my phone gets forgotten about.

A Year to look forward to


The year ahead is going to be massive, everything is happening and it's probably about to become very stressful. However, I seem to be more relaxed and I hope I can keep that mindset throughout the year because stressing is not going to help me.

The only resolution I have this year is to make this year better than last. That's a bit of a challenge considering I had the best summer last year, let's not forget about the heat! But from what I have planned, this year is going to be EPIC!!

I'm going to Rome, Italy in February and I can't wait! I love travelling to see new countries or to go back to where I always go, Ireland. We're renting an apartment in Rome, which I've never done before nor have I gone in February. It's going to be cold- I'm not a cold weather person.

I'm also going to Portugal in the summer and I can't wait! I've seen lots of pictures and it looks so beautiful.

Happy new year!

AC xo

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