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Ugh! I hate writing about myself. But here we go:

I started blogging four- five years ago, it started off as more of a past time, a little hobby and I didn't quite know what I was doing. But I started this blog to specialise in content and that's something I'm going to improve.

I'm 17 and live in East London (the best part of London). I'm in my last year of Sixth form. A-Levels suck :( I can't wait for it to be over!!!

I'm a daydreamer, always dreaming about bigger things.

I always look on the brighter side of things. Which means when things I wrong I usually burst into giggles (Cue disapproving mum stare).

I am a creative person and anything creative excites me; music, art, literature, photography, film, DIY, decor etc. Basically, anything that allows a self-expression. I've always been like that and I can't wait to leave school so I can get my creative on. Haha! <3

I'm really into photography at the moment. The phone I bought last year has an amazing camera and it made me fall back in love with taking pictures. I love messing around with different focuses and experimenting with new shots. All the colour in the photo comes out really clear and vibrant and I love that. It captures every aspect of life (all the colours, contrasts, shades) that I want to capture. Plus, I've got great phone storage. Whoop!

Apart from photography, I love my books. I've always loved reading and I always make time for it. I could spend a whole day reading if I could. I'm never far from a book and I'm always reading something. Now might be the time to tell you, I have a slight addiction. Sorry, I've always got to talk about books somewhere, somehow so I'll stop my rambling now because I could go on forever.
So there's a short little post about me and who I am. Now you know that I love photography and I'm addicted to books. Oh, and I laugh when things go wrong like messing up dinner.

AC xo

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