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by - July 10, 2017


During the weekend I decided to go and check out the Amy Street Art Trail set up by the Jewish Museum in Camden. The trail originally featured 9 pieces -now 7- and is dotted all around Camden. I saw another blogger's post who had done the trail (I forgot to save the link) and it seemed cool so I decided to check it out for myself. Oh, and I brought my Dad along.


My Dad led us around as he when he moved over from Dublin he lived in Camden for a while. Although, Google Maps had to be brought out as he wasn't sure where some of the places were. He occasionally led us in the wrong direction and renamed roads.

I never grew up around street art it was more Graffiti on the walls in the park. So going in hunt of the street art was a fun and new experience. We also spotted some other great pieces too.

Not only is Amy Winehouse a great artist -iconic in fact- she was extremely beautiful with her own style. Looking at all the pieces we saw in Camden, each piece reflected her beauty.


We started at the Jewish Museum where there is a small free exhibition, Love is a losing game by Pegasus. There are four portraits of Amy that give off Andy Warhol vibes and are separated by some of the song lyrics.


We looked around for a little bit at the free exhibition but we didn't go into the other exhibition of Amy that's there. On our way out, we picked up a map of the trail. The map is also available to download online.

The first piece we saw was outside The Earl of Camden and it's lower on the wall than we expected it to be, so we walked past it the first time around. I think this one is my favourite out of all of them because it's just so beautiful. Not that the other's weren't but I connected more with this one.


Looking for specific pieces of street art was fun as it included taking the back roads, looking behind buildings and through little alleyways.



Some of the pieces were in more awkward areas so they took a little time to find.


It was fun to explore Camden as it's a very cultured area. The markets were running and the smells of food lingered in the air. Camden is a great place to visit at the weekend. It's crowded but there's just something about it that's different from Oxford Street and Westminister. Everyone's chilling and just enjoying themselves; It's a calm area.

It officially runs until the 4th June but with street art, they could be gone the next day as I discovered one of the pieces I wanted to see was no longer there as someone had painted over it. :(

I loved the day and had so much fun taking pictures with a proper camera and just exploring the area. I would definitely recommend going down to Camden at the weekend and you can check out the Art Trail if it's still there.

AC xo

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