BLOG ARCHIVES: The Art of Mindful Colouring

by - July 10, 2017

Before you dismiss the idea, colouring is a great way of relieving stress and tension. It sounds strange that a child's activity could be quite so beneficial to adults. But it is, and I've found it really helpful.

Colouring has really helped me when it gets a bit too much and when I get headaches. It's not something that works immediately but I've found it triggers the mind to calm down and after about ten minutes I'm ready to start again with my work. It helps to relax and refocus the mind, meaning that I'm more productive after.

Tips on how to get the most from colouring:


The more complicated; the better- Patterns and geometric are great and so are more intricate pieces. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle, the one with the more parts is better. But don't colour anything that makes your eyes hurt.


Don't colour to finish- Otherwise, you're attaching a purpose to something that's meant to be relaxing and you won't reap the full benefits. You'll finish the pattern too fast, which is not the point.


Focus on a corner- Focus on a little section of the piece before spreading out. You're more likely to feel less pressured and colour better. Remember, you don't have to finish and when you have that in your mind you'll soon start to feel better.


Rome wasn't built in a day- Don't expect it to work immediately or in five minutes. Ignore the time and ignore everything else.  Focus on the colours you're using or the section you're colouring.

Try it sometime.

AC xo

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