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by - July 10, 2017

This year, I braved it out and went Boxing Day sales shopping on Boxing day! My friend and I went down to Westfield at Stratford City and spent the whole day there from around 10ish to 6ish. We both love to shop and we're used to large crowds, so we weren't phased that much by all the people. Although we did get tired towards the end but that was mainly due to the heavy bags.

So here is what I bought by shop (excluding music & DVDs):

Victoria's Secret:


Anyone who knows me knows I love to shop for underwear, it's my favourite thing. So this shop was the first shop on the list to go into.

The Boxing Day Sales at VS are 50% off selected items which is great for me because I'm usually too poor to buy them full price. I picked up a few bra's and thongs, I also picked up some briefs as they had a lace back. And a fragrance mist.



I bought this bra a few days before Christmas but it was in the sale so I thought I'd add it to the haul. It's navy blue, lace and a padded push-up bra. Moscow Bustier Push-up bra in lace.


I wasn't expecting to buy anything in here but my friend wanted to go in and I ended up picking up some Nike trainers. I love these!! I wanted some chunky white trainers but I was thinking more Addidas. These trainers are white with bronze/ rose gold tint detail and look so beautiful. I think I'm in love with my shoes.

Urban Outfitters:


In search of some more crop tops, I found this grey one with Lettuce edge from Urban Outfitters. The sleeves are long but cropped so come just short of my wrists. It's soft and looks cute.


This shop has become one of my faves. In need of some new jeans and wanting a ripped pair, I tried on these two ripped jeans and loved both. I also picked up two 3/4 jumpers in a grey and green. They're loose, soft and look great on.

I also picked up a purple wire basket, to go on my desk and a diary/ Agenda for 2017.

New Look:


I picked up another plain white nightshirt, I've been finding them so comfy to sleep in.

What did you get, any great deals?
AC xo

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