BLOG ARCHIVES: Girls Gone Crazy...

by - July 10, 2017

No. Seriously! CRAZY!

I went out with my friend Emily yesterday and together, we go mental. We go in like a hysterical mood every time and act like little kids.

And last night jacked up on (one) chocolate cupcakes, we went MENTAL. We were like little kids on a massive sugar rush.


I did her make-up and she did my hair. We both looked like we had makeovers from two-year-olds.

We also messed around on Snapchat; a bad idea.


We had so much fun, and it's been one of the best nights I've had all year. Yeah we go mental, and my Dad called me a Lemon, but sometimes we need to have those nights with friends where we go mental and let loose because it's great for the brain. Honestly!


AC xo

P.S- Love you Ems, sorry for the embarrassing pictures.

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