BLOG ARCHIVES: A Good Day Out In London

by - July 10, 2017

When our Plan A didn't work, we had to quickly come up with a plan which resulted in us taking tourist day in the city and finishing the day on top of The Shard.


We started from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and walked four miles along the canal down to Limehouse, where the canal connects to the River Thames. The walk took a while and I was never told how long it was actually going to take, only that 'it's about 10 minutes away'. The troubles of being led by two Irish men, mainly, my Dad.

We found a beach area on the side of the Thames and messed around there for a little while, before looking for a place to eat.


For Lunch, I had a Parma Pizza in a lovely Italian restaurant/ cafe. It was a great place to refuel and was very relaxing, tucked away on one of the quieter streets.

After, we hopped on the bus- I had done enough walking long distances- and got off at St Katherine's Dock to have a look around there. It is a beautiful place, full of history and there are some little shops.

out 3

We left the docks and walked across Tower Bridge, making jokes about stupid stuff. We made our way through the streets towards The Shard, our end goal.


The views were stunning and I got some great pictures. There were two floors both offered a 360 view. The second floor was partially outside and had fake grass on the floor and flowers all around like a garden. I made use of the beautiful flowers to take some pictures.



AC xo

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