BLOG ARCHIVES: How To Wash Makeup Brushes: Soap and Water

by - July 10, 2017

All you need are your dirty brushes, soap, and water.

Grab your dirty brushes and bring them next to the sink. Turn the tap on and wet your palm before pouring a little soap onto your palm.


Take a brush and hold it under the water for a little bit to get the ends wet. Bring your brush over to your palm and rub it in the soap in circular motions. You'll see all the dirt colour the soap.


Add more soap if the soap lather runs out and repeat until soap runs clear. Press down on the brushes to get most of the water out of them before placing them down to dry.


I usually leave mine on the edge of the bathroom counter to dry overnight so they are ready to use the next day.


I tend to wash my brushed at least every 2 months because I don't wear makeup that often. But it's recommended to wash them more often because a lot of dirt can be built up between the bristles, meaning every time you use them, you rub dirt onto your face.

AC xo

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