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by - July 10, 2017


Hey, Lovelies! Sorry for the late post, what with exams and everything, I didn't have anything planned or written up for the weekend post. But I suppose better late than never, hey? I thought I'd do a little life update post because my life has been so hectic and full on lately. Exams have reached their peak and I can't wait to be done. 5 exams done and only one left.



I've been feeling more and more excited as each day goes on and that's because I can feel it on the tips of my fingertips. It's starting to pulse through my blood. I can smell it in the air. Summer is coming.

And I have the most amazing summer planned! I have my birthday (which is this Saturday) and all the celebrations with friends and family. I'm going to Portugal! what!!?! Yass!! My first girls trip away. Shopping for that. I'm going to see Tinashe next week. All my friends are celebrating their birthdays. I might be going away again sometime in August. I wanna do loads of day trips to Oxford, Brighton and maybe Edinburgh (I really want to go). And of course, I can finally read a book and not feel bad about it. There's also the Balenciaga fashion exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum that I'd like to visit.


I've got one exam left on Thursday and I can't wait! I have a literature exam in the morning and then I'll be finished come lunchtime. I never thought I'd see this day. But I'm almost there. I have two days and then I've officially done it. I've finished A-Levels.

I have waited so long for this moment. I've been counting down since September. This past year has been so stressful: I've had headaches, anxiety issues (something I never thought I'd have) and meltdowns. But I'm proud to say, that although my mental state was quite bad around March and April, it's piecing itself back together and I'll leave with my sanity.

So, as a mini roundup: my life officially begins on Thursday afternoon and birthday celebrations kick off on Friday. I can't wait!!

Until next time,
AC xo

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