BLOG ARCHIVES: Life Update #1

by - July 10, 2017


When I say a lot has been happening in my life. I mean A LOT has been happening. As you know I’m in my final year of A-Level (if you didn’t know now you do) and over the past month there has been so many great things happening and I just felt like sharing all these hectic great achievements with you.

*   *   *

So I first want to congratulate myself for handing in ALL of my coursework because damn that was challenging. I’ve done my literature coursework and creative writing is finally done! I’m doing a Creative Writing A-Level and 60% of my grade for this year (it’s still a two-year course) is coursework. So for my coursework, I have written an eighteen-page length script and I am so proud of myself for handing that and my commentary in on time. The struggle was real with that coursework like I literally wasn’t finished at all or anywhere near finished 24 hours before it was due in. So a little pat on the back for me!
  *   *   *

On top of that, I have absolutely amazing, completely life changing, news. It’s crazy! I applied for one of the two available bursaries that were part of an external programme thing that is connected to my secondary school and I GOT IT!!!! Every time I think about it, I just get this big grin on my face and I’m so thankful and extremely grateful (are they the same?) that I was even given this opportunity. This is huge! This bursary is for the three years that I will be at uni and they are giving me a LOT of money. I am completely speechless because this not only means a lot to me but I know that my parents are extremely happy for me and it kind of eases the pressure off them. So yeah, that happened.
*   *   *

Talking about uni, I’ve confirmed my firm and insurance choice. Applied and succeeded (does anyone say that?) in my student finance application. And put in for my accommodation. So if it all goes to plan then I will be on my merry way come September. The thought of going to uni isn’t actually as scary as I thought it would be when I was in Year 8, I’m actually welcoming the idea. I’m ready to grow up and begin life. I’m mainly excited about the prospect of building an amazing wardrobe once I’ve graduated. It’s already on its way to amazing and I can’t wait! <-- You can really tell where my interests lie.
*   *   *

Finally, Birthday season is coming up! Most of the people I know all have summer birthdays, including me (24th of June, for those asking. Although you’re probably not). I love birthdays and I love celebrating. For me, birthdays aren't just celebrating the day you were born, it’s about celebrating who you are as a person. So yeah, friends birthdays are coming up and we are all turning the big 18, whoop!! I will be dragging my friends out most days because not only is this summer going to be amazing, I’ve spent the whole year not going out that much because of them and it’s time they did something for me. Yes, I’m looking at you Missy! (you know who you are)

Until next time,

AC xo

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