BLOG ARCHIVES: A Love Letter To My Jacket | Aoife Caitríona

by - July 10, 2017

Dear Jacket,
You entered my life a few years ago and I've grown fond of you.
You are so damn comfy, being oversized and I can snuggle with you. You are a light jacket, thin, but you don't lack anything that a bigger, puffier jacket could give to me.
Your hood is big enough to fit over my big head and stay on. 
You make me warm on those Spring and Autumn days and sometimes on the cooler Summer nights and milder Winter days.
You give me comfort. You give me style. You make me happy.
I don't love many jackets but 2016 has been our year to fall in love. You are a special jacket; not blue or black or grey or white. You're khaki green! And I'm embracing it.
With your many pockets, big and small. From my chest to my stomach, I can fit my money, phone, earphones, gum, bus pass, keys, glasses and a comb. You are special to me jacket, don't forget that.
Love, Aoife xx
I seriously love this jacket and to show you why I love it I thought it would be fun to write a love letter. This mini shoot was honestly the funniest things I've done, standing outside Tesco on our lunch break. And we had security guards looking at us strangely. Memories.
AC xo

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