BLOG ARCHIVES: My Not-So-Perfect Life: A Review-ish

by - July 10, 2017


We'll ignore the fact that I'm currently procrastinating but I've finally finished this book and it got me thinking about some things that I wanted to share.

But before we get on to that, Sophie Kinsella's latest novel My not-so-perfect life is basically about this girl Katie 'Cat' Brenner and how she's tried to create this 'perfect' life of what being a Londoner is (she's from Somerset). And of course, like all Kinsella novels, it all goes wrong. Katie gets fired, moves back home under the cover of a 'sabbatical', helps her dad and step mum set up a glamping business, where her boss ends up as a guest, and I won't spoil anything else but if you know Kinsella then you know what's coming next.


This book is like any other Kinsella novel, full of hilariously true moments. I think my favourite thing about Kinsella is the fact that everything she writes, down to the silliest of moments, is all true, they all happen in real life. Or at least they happen in my life.

For example, in the book, Katie decides on having a fringe as part of her new 'London' look and I agree with everything she says. Fringes are high maintenance! You need a round brush to get the fringe to dry in the right way and place. If it's windy outside then someone help you because it never stays in the same position for long, instead, it decides to stick up at a weird angle, just casually poking up from your head. Sorry, I got a little sidetracked.

The title of this book basically sums up the message that Kinsella conveys. Everyone's life is not perfect, no matter how perfect they appear to be on their Instagram feeds or in real life. The truth is they're tired and bored just like you and me. No one's life is as perfect as we believe it to be. And it's about owning your Not-So-Perfect-life.

This book got me thinking about my own life and the way I portray myself. I tend to portray the more 'glamorous' side of my life online, not that it's particularly glamorous but it's the prettier and happier side. We all use social media differently whether it's to create something we aspire to be, to be able to look back on stuff and use it to motivate us in the present or for another reason entirely.

The truth is perfect doesn't exist. It's subjective. We all have our definitions of what 'perfect' is and I bet that our definitions are based somehow on what social media tells us is perfect.

This book is a great read. It features when the reality comes crashing down on you (literally, all her clothes fell on top of her) and you make the revelations that your life isn't perfect and neither is anybody else's. Instead, we all live a not-so-perfect life which is perfect in its own right. Unless you do live a perfect life, then lucky you.

AC xo

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