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by - July 10, 2017


The next few months are going to be huge, absolutely massive. I'll be sitting my A-Levels, my last official set of examinations before I'm set off in the big wide world (until I leave for uni) and my birthday is coming up (Whoop!). Between the space of my last exam and when I leave home, I have a sort of bucket list of things I want to accomplish before I leave London. *Crying* I love London!
So here they are:

  • #1 Purchase a domain! 
It's something I've been thinking about for a while and I want a site that officially belongs to me.
  • #2 Go on holiday with a friend!
Booked and ready. I just need to turn up to the airport with my sunnies and suitcase.
  • #3 Be Carrie Bradshaw for the day!
Yes, I am one of those teenage girls who LOVE Carrie Bradshaw. She is my fictional idol. I've watched Sex and the City and read The Carrie Diaries (great series- go read it!). I love her personality, her writing style, her friendships especially with the girls (friendship goals) and of course, her fashion (no one can pull off a newspaper dress like Ms Bradshaw).
So for one day, I want to go out with my friends, dressed up looking pretty and feeling fabulous like Miss Carrie Bradshaw. I may not have the Manolo's or the Dior or the Gucci but I will look fabulous.
  • #4 Explore London!
I've already started doing this and I want to take full advantage of my holiday this year and explore lots of London because it's like the best city ever! London is full of things to do and places to go and I want to explore it. The true London, not just the tourist places and the places everyone goes to like the Science Museum (been there far too often, thanks, Dad). I just want my fill of London before I move away.
  • #5 Go on Adventure!
Somewhere. Anywhere. I just want to go out for the day, get lost and go on an adventure.
  • #7 Have a big reunion with friends from secondary school!
When we left secondary school we all went off in different directions to different places and whilst we still kept in touch through text or social media and occasionally met up, I wanted to organise like a picnic or reunion of some sort with everyone from secondary school one last time before we all went off to uni or into the big wide world.
  • #6 Find an Alcoholic drink I like!
I know there's more to life than alcohol but I want to find a drink that I like. At the moment I haven't found one that I like, so this summer I want to find one that I do. Which means, that I'm going to try lots (probably not that many) of different drinks to find one that I like.
And of course,
  • #7 Make every minute count!
I want to make every minute count with my summer as come September, I'm going to have to grow up and live like an adult. :( There goes my youth. Nah, it won't be that bad but we have to take advantage of what we have and what life is offering us. So that's what I'm going to do!
So there are a few things that I want to do over the summer. It's a small list but it's growing. I just want to have fun this summer and plan some fun things to do. This summer is going to be the best ever!!

AC xo

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