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by - July 10, 2017


I've never been into editing my photos. I'm always afraid people are going to notice because it would be obvious. However, I've found these two apps that I really like, are easy to use and edits look subtle.

The first one is called Air Brush. I downloaded this app because I was really self-conscious of the spots on my chin. Editing the pictures that I post on Instagram wasn't because I was ashamed, instead I got confidence from it. This app has an acne feature where you can remove red spots, a smoother tool which I use to make the image less grainy or make my skin tone more evened, and the whitening tool to whiten my teeth if they look a bit off colour. I don't heavily edit my photo's because I want them to look like me, I'm just smoothing some bits out. It's great for when you want to take pictures without makeup but you've got that big spot you want to get rid of.

Air Brush is available in the App store and Google Play.

The second one is called April. It isn't a photo-editing app as such. It allows me to add a colour filter like pink over the image and I offers a white background on rectangle photo's so they're square. With this, I can make my images look cuter. I can also have a text overlay. I use the poster edit, but they also have layout and splicing.

April is available in the App store and Google Play.

AC xo

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