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by - July 10, 2017

I thought rather than sharing my results and writing a post on what I got, I'd share my tips. So here are my tips for the year, exams, and results day:

The Year:

Find The Balance Between Social Life And School Life. Word hard, Play harder. Knowing that you've got something planned with your friends at the weekend or at the end of the month is motivation for you to work hard. I'm a very social person and I prefer going out with my friends, than studying. So I always made sure that I was going out every now and then, just so I could release energy, clear my mind and I didn't spend most of the year up in my room, revising. It worked and meant that when I was revising, I could concentrate on revising.

Focus On Your End Goals. We had the head of Ofcom, Sharon White, come into school and she said 'Look at exams as a means to get to where you want to go'. That's not an exact quote and I can't remember the actual words. The exams you take in the summer, are going to help you get to where you want to go. Metaphorical time. Exams are like gates in life and what you want is behind the gate. To open the gate, you need to sit the exam and get the grades. Don't worry too much about the exams, look past them because then you stop seeing exams as barriers.

Be Organised. I got handed so many sheets the past year and there were a lot of notes because there is so much content to know. Buy Lever Arch Folders for every subject and put all the sheets you've gotten and your notes in them because when it comes to revision, you are going to need them. Having everything organised makes revision easier and it causes less stress.

Have Fun. Just because it's an important year, doesn't mean you can't have fun. Prioritise subjects you need to study more for. Life's too short to be stressing over a set of exams.


Revision Schedule. If like me and are rubbish at timetables then don't worry. I could never keep a revision timetable but I prioritised the subjects that I needed to spend more time on and wrote down the subjects or modules I wanted to study on certain days. I left out how long I was to study them and when, so I could be flexible and do it when I wanted.

Another thing, you don't need to start revising till after Christmas break. It helps when the exams come closer. The earlier you start, the more work you can do and the more you can practice for exams. And you will feel more prepared than if you started a few weeks before.

Be Prepared. When your foot goes into the exam hall, it's too late to change anything. And that can be scary but as long as you've revised properly and you know the layout of the paper, you'll be fine. It's all in your hands and you need to try your best so that at the end you feel like you've done ok, at least. Your best is all that can be asked from you so go in confident and stay confident. Remember: It's all in your head. Everything you need to know is in your head.

Breathe. Before the exam take deep breaths. In and Out. It helped me to get rid of my nerves, stress, worries and allowed me to get a clear head and focus on the paper in front on me. It also prevented me from any anxiety so I could put all my effort and concentration into the paper.

Results Day:

It's Out Of Your HandsThere's no point in panicking too much because your actions in the past week aren't going to change what's in the envelope. What's in the envelope is the outcome of your efforts in May/ June. So be as prepared as you can then.

Just Breathe. I started getting panicky before results day for GCSE and sometimes we can work ourselves up to a point where there's no coming down. It's important to just breathe. In and Out.

I hope these are helpful and these most of these tips can be used for GCSE.

Good Luck!!

AC xo

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