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by - July 10, 2017


Rome is such a pretty place to go; it's full of history, architecture and Instagram-worthy pics! (follow me @_aoifecaitriona)

Going around taking these pictures, I learnt that the other side of the view is just as pretty. Take the picture below, that was taken in the colosseum. Whilst everyone is looking at the stone tunnels and platform on the other side, I'm taking a picture through one of the arches. There are hidden treasures all over the world, you just have to be looking in the right places, or in the opposite direction.


During the half-term, I went to Rome in Italy with my Mum, brother and some others. We only stayed for five days, which meant that we had three full days to explore Rome!


We flew from Gatwick airport on Monday morning with British Airways and landed in one of Rome's airports. When we landed we collected our bags and went to find some man as my Mum had arranged someone to pick us up to take us to the apartment, which we'd rented for the week.


The apartment was so beautiful! The interior was Pinterest worthy! The room I stayed in had a four-poster bed with cotton curtain drapes; it was heaven to sleep on. The interior had an Italian feel to it and also had a piano in the hallway area. It had two bathrooms and slept 6. The views weren't spectacular but they were pretty, especially in the morning when the light bounced off of the apartment buildings. The apartment we stayed in was located in a residential area in Rome. So there were lots of apartment buildings and they were all very pretty. They were all faded pinks and oranges.


On the first day, we visited the Colosseum and Roman Forum. It's crazy to think that these ruins have been around for thousands of years and it's built so well and the original structure is still there! The Roman Forum was cool and full of statues and columns. The last time I went to Rome, I don't remember going to the forum but I went this time and got to see some more ruins, some statues, and take more pictures ;)

We travelled using Rome's public transport. The tickets were surprisingly cheap and the train lines were really easy to understand and navigate our way around the city.

In the evening, we ate at a local restaurant near the apartment. They always say that the local restaurants are better than the tourist ones. However, I think I preferred the restaurants in the city and tourist areas because the food at this restaurant was horrible. It took forever to arrive, my pizza was submerged underwater and their chips looked like the potatoes in Gratin dauphinoise.


On the third day, we walked around Villa Borghese and along Via del Corso, the Oxford Street of Rome. But it was bigger (I think) and it had a wider variety of shops and designer shops, which meant I could get a new pair of sunnies! I also got to go into a Sephora!- They don't have any in London. I would have gone into more but shopping wasn't my Mum or the others' favourite.


We did a lot of walking around on that day but I'm used to the walking from my holidays to Ireland. Also, the weather was beautiful, much better than London weather. It was like Spring over there, the sun was shining but it was a bit cool. Although, you knew it was February because it was very cold when it went dark.


On the fourth day, we went over to Vatican city to see the Vatican. We hung around the square bit for a while, taking in the views and taking pictures.

From there, we popped into a Mcdonald's because that was on my bucket list of Rome. Did you know they have pasta and curly fries on the Mcdonald's menu!

After lunch, we walked down the road in front of the Vatican towards the Castel Sant'Angelo. We looked around the castle before venturing on a long walk towards Altare Della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland) which is a classical temple honouring Italy's first king and World War 1 soldiers. You had to pay to get onto the roof, which we did, and the views were amazing. We got to see the sunset on top of the building and I got a really cool picture of one of the statues on the roof with the sun behind it.


After that, we walked back along the Via Del Corso to go find the Christian Louboutin store. That sounds like I can afford their shoes; I can't. But it's my favourite shoe designer so I couldn't miss this opportunity of coming face to face with actual Louboutins.

We got there and I had a mini fangirl moment. I was just taking pictures abiding by the invisible rule of not going into shops you can't afford when my brother barges into the shop! He goes straight in and the doorman gives me a look of am I coming in too? Well, I had to get Conor to come out. And they're my favourite. Yes, I was going in!

The staff were really nice and I got to be so close to Louboutin heels and their bags (*scream*). So yeah, that was nice, just the best part out of the whole trip.

Embarrassing when my brother tried going into the stock room because he thought the store was bigger.


On our last day, we popped out to explore the area we were staying in, St Giovanni. We went to the cathedral that was there and I popped into the Huawei store below the apartment to buy something for my phone.

And then it was off to the airport to come home.

AC xo

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