BLOG ARCHIVES: Trying The Bracelet Nail Trend

by - July 10, 2017

According to Cosmo, the latest nail trend is the #braceletnails originating from South Korea. Read the article here.

So I figured, why not try it? I'm always painting my nails and thought it would be fun. I read and article about it and how to do it on Cosmo's Snapchat discover story/thing, I screenshot it and tried it out. This is how it went.


I thought it would be best if I tried it on one nail, so I painted my other nails with Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Sky Blue and kept my middle finger plain.


Once I'd painted all my other fingers, I cut a bit of thread off. I read that you needed to strip the thread to get the thinnest piece. I then realised that I should have done that step first because I ended up with little bits of the fluff stuck to my blue nails.


I painted my nail with a clear nail varnish for the thread to stick. It wasn't easy as my middle finger is the longest so I had to bend the thread and try to make my forefinger and ring finger stretch to hold the thread in place, making sure it was stuck all the way around and sat straight. Which proved very difficult. And the thread still wasn't straight! Ugh!


I then painted a top coat a few more times. It has grown on me but I only did two pieces of thread and I didn't really put any gems on it or other designs. It was a bit of a stressful situation, probably could have done it better if I thought it through.

I, personally, think it's a bit strange. The thought behind the trend - friendship bracelets- is sweet but they are meant for your wrists rather than stuck to your nails.

AC xo

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