Apologies for the weird tints in the pictures. They're not very Spring-like or vibrant - something was wrong with my camera xxx
When the first signs of Spring appear, I get this giddy excitement bubbling inside because Summer is just around the corner. The days are starting to warm up, the suns decided to shine it’s warm rays down on us and everyone’s mood starts to lift.

One of the things I hate about winter is that everything is so dark and gloomy. For the entirety of the four-month season, your mood is down and your wardrobe becomes a sad state of three trusty jumpers you know are going to keep you warm from the blizzard outside.

When Spring starts to appear with the longer and brighter days, you can start introducing new brighter colours into your outfits building up to your Summer wardrobe.

This Spring, wear lighter colours and softer materials to channel the new brighter season. Hit up the pastels and use blush colours to add a little life back into your wardrobe. Floral is always on trend for Spring so don’t be afraid to dip in and out. 

Another big trend for this Spring is Denim and you’ve probably seen it everywhere in the shops. So whether you're rocking some mom jeans or a creative colourful pastel piece, grab yourself a little denim to play with this season.

One of the things I love doing at the beginning of each season is buying a few items that set off my wardrobe. This time around I picked up a pair of high waisted vintage cut ripped jeans (a bit of a mouthful) from H&M. They're gorgeous and a complete 180 from the look I usually go for but Spring is a new season and you can adapt your style to the new season’s settings. 

I also picked up this cute wrap crop top from Forever 21. The material is so soft and I love the cream colour with light blue strips, I think it really channels the essence of spring. It's quite a light material so I think paired with the jeans and some flats will work on a lovely warm spring day. 

Lastly, like I mentioned earlier, Spring is a mood lifter and an easy way to instantly brighten any mood (I find) is to have a bright colour on your nails. One of my favourite pastel shades is Barry M's Cashmere. It’s a subtle pink, not too dark or too pink; the perfect shade. It also reminds me of blossom which is one of my favourite things about Spring!

What do you to get ready for Spring?

Love, Aoife xo

P.S- Sorry for the unexpected hiatus, uni has just consumed my mind for the last month with deadlines but I hope to get back to regular posts soon. Stay tuned! x