That feeling of bliss and hope all rolled into one because you’ve finally found skincare products that ACTUALLY work on your skin! In that moment you know that the product in your hand will irrevocably change your life for the better. You’ve finally found it!

It’s no lie that I love a good skincare product especially when it makes my skin feel great, look good and removes the pesky excess oils from my skin. I have oily skin, open pores and it’s spot prone. Basically, a nightmare! I spoke to someone at a skincare event earlier last year and she gave me some advice on washing my face regularly with certain products which will hopefully help to maintain my skin’s natural sebum production. (P.S- I've learnt that when looking for skincare products to target oily skin look for Zinc PCA in the ingredients)

It was around October/ November time, I received my first blogger mail (yay!). They sent over some skincare products from La Roche-Posay which is a brand I’d never really heard of before. I wanted to wait and try their whole range so I could get a feel for the type of products they were and to give you the low down. And let me just say… WOW!

The products I had been using were nearly finished and weren't exactly doing an effective job so I had started to look at different skincare products especially from French brands because their reputations are really good. So, these products literally could not have been sent at a better time. The products I received are from the Effacular range including the Purifying Foaming Gel, Effacular Duo(+), Unclogging purifying Sebo-controlling mask, and Serozinc.

The Effacular Range is targeted at oily and Acne prone skin and I could not recommend it enough! The foaming gel wash lathers really well and worked from day 1 stripping away all the excess sebum/ oils on my face. Using it regularly has really helped in maintaining my skins natural production of oil. In other words, I no longer spend 3/4 of the day with oily skin. Yipee! The face wash is now officially a staple in my routine.

I’ve also been using the mask that’s in the range and it does what it says on the tin, my skin looks purer and less oily use after use. I use this a couple of times during the week before I start my normal routine, putting on a really light layer and leaving it for around 5 minutes. It’s perfect! It's light, smells good and gives my skin that extra boost. A cheaper alternative would be L'Oreal Pure Clay masks but since applications are meant to be thin, the Effacular will last longer and be better value for money.

The Serozinc spray, which I’ve been using for a while is one of my faves! It’s so refreshing and cooling on your skin. It feels great after you’ve just dried your face. It's incredibly lightweight so you don't have to worry about clogging up your pores!

I also received the Effacular Duo(+) which I had mixed thoughts on up until two days ago. I couldn't tell if it was a moisturiser or not because it didn't say it explicitly on the box- it's not btw. Anyway, It has a matte finish which is perfect for oily skin and it targets blemishes which has really helped in clearing my skin. I think it can also double up as a primer as well because the texture when dried is very similar. As it's a very light moisturiser, I top it up with my usual moisturiser (Simple, oil balancing moisturiser).

The products cost a little more than the usual Clean & Clear, Neutrogena etc but it will last you a long time and with the results I've seen, it's definitely worth it or at least considering. If you were to get any of the products, I'd recommend the face wash and Serozinc. It lasts such a long time- I’ve been using the face wash twice a day for almost three months now and I haven’t even used half of it!

With that all said, I can’t tell you how great it is to have finally found products that work and have made a huge impact on my life and confidence. My skin feels and looks a lot like how it used to be pre-puberty. I would definitely suggest it to anyone with oily and acne-prone skin.

I was told when you find a product that works for you grab it and keep a firm grip on it -that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Love, Aoife xx

Have you guys found any skincare products that have worked for you? Also if you’ve used The Ordinary, is it any good?

The other day, yesterday to be exact, I visited Kew Gardens with my friend and flatmate Nazani. I had seen on Facebook a few months ago about an exhibition at Kew Gardens and it'd been on my list to visit ever since. It was a silly day to visit since it was pouring down with rain. Although, there was something beautiful and relaxing walking around a large, quiet park listening to the light raindrops hitting the umbrella and trees.

The exhibition, Life in Death by Rebecca Louise Law, showcases a collection of plants and flowers that have been dried for over six years. The flowers and plants are hanging like garlands from the ceiling. It sounds beautiful and it was! All the flowers were so delicate and preserved exactly how they were when they were alive.

Walking around the exhibit got me thinking about both life and death. Sometimes we can spend so much time thinking about when things are going to end that we forget to live in the present. Our surroundings morph into one, they become a blur of time we don't remember. I've lost count of how many times I've cried about the time I had left.

 It led me to think that if we spent our time appreciating every second and every moment, then we wouldn't be so upset when it was over. Instead, we'd smile at the memories and the time that was shared. The present is called a present for a reason. It has so many gifts that we should appreciate and not overlook because we're too blind to see it. There's beauty in life, in the little moments, and in everyone and everything. The exhibit shows how beautiful every living thing is and that there's life in death and it's been frozen in time to make us see it clearly.

Love, Aoife x

Hello Lovelies! The time has come for me to do the task that I’ve been dreading for so long; it’s time to clear out my closet!

A few of my resolutions this year are style orientated such as going for a more natural look, toning it down on the big push up bras, and putting an effort into what I wear every day. I also want to build my wardrobe and buy a few luxury items. But to do that, I need some room and at the moment I don’t have any. 

I’m a bit of a shopaholic. I love buying clothes, shoes, and lingerie especially! The only issue is I forget to chuck out the old stuff I’ve replaced and so my wardrobe is currently bursting at its seams. It’s time to throw out the clothes that are too small, too old, ones I haven’t worn in a long time and ones that no longer suits my style. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a few items I haven’t worn in a long time that I can use and find some new outfit combinations.

It will also make dressing in the mornings a lot easier as I won’t have a mountain of clothes to look through!

So that adventure starts with my underwear drawer! I’ve built up quite a large collection of bits that should have been chucked out a long time ago. I mean having over 10 bras is probably a little too much *looks elsewhere* but throwing away Victoria's Secret bras just feels wrong!

Anyway, like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I have a few style resolutions for this year. I’m tired of the same old looks and a lot of the clothes I have I’ve had since I was doing my GCSE’s and I’ve come a long way since then. A good wardrobe should grow with you, evolve as you do.

This year, I want to work on having a wardrobe that’s stylish, chic and looks a little more expensive than it actually costs. I love the feeling of wearing stylish clothes that make you feel a million times more than your worth. And I’ve found that when you have great options to choose from it’s very easy to look amazing every day. 

One thing I’ve realised so far is that simple pieces and simple makeup are a very easy way of looking stylish. Looking natural is also another way that works. I’ve found myself braving it with less padded bras and a few slightly loose but fitted items.

Have you guys got any style resolutions for the year ahead? 

Love, Aoife x

2017 has been one hell of a year! There’s no other way to put it. So much has happened that it’s hard to believe it only happened in the space of one year. It feels more like three!

Usually, when it comes to the end of the year, I say how I want the new year to be even better because the last one was anti-climatic or not particularly great. But this year, I’m not saying it because I don’t need to. I’ve had an amazing year and it’s one I won’t be forgetting.

Even though there was a lot of sadness and struggles at the beginning of the year, there was also a lot of happiness and memories made. I’ve learnt a lot about myself, who I am and the type of emotions I go through.

This year I was given the chance to grow into my shoes and I’ve learnt how to be confident in my body. I’ve become more passionate about the things I love and what interests me. I’ve been given endless opportunities and an abundance of luck which I hope continues in the new year.


I was lucky enough to go on three holidays all of which I needed for peace of mind. On my second holiday, I got a chance to finally feel what pure happiness is like. One without the stress and forcing yourself to forget the things you left behind. A chance to live in the moment with only one thing running through your mind, the present. It was pure bliss. I had planned all my outfits, every day was like a catwalk and I was living my best life. I got to explore and share the great times with one of my best friends. 


2017 was the year I found fashion. I’ve always loved and taken an interest in fashion but 2017 was the year I built up my wardrobe and looked stylish every day. I wore clothes I loved and found my sense of style. I found myself being inspired by the people around me and inspiring others.


With great clothes comes added confidence and that was something I really found this year. I became much more comfortable in my body which allowed me to be confident in the way I spoke to others and the way I moved. My confidence helped me in becoming more independent when I moved to Portsmouth and I, for the first time ever, found myself sitting alone in a coffee shop.


My inner strength was pushed to the limits in the last few months of A-levels. I questioned a lot about what I was doing and I even considered giving up and quitting. I even knew it was something I wasn't going to regret. But I carried on somehow and what kept me going was the end game and where I wanted to go after. I continued because I knew that it was just a very large hurdle I had the get over. 


Going to uni has taught me a lot about friendship. I was forced to make new friends who I absolutely adore. I grew closer to the friends that I left behind. Even though half my friends are spread all over the country it makes it that more exciting when we all join up together again.

All I can say is if 2018 is anything like 2017 was, then bring it on! I hope your 2017 was great and you have lots of memories to take with you into the new year. Best Wishes!

Love, Aoife x