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4 January 2018

2017 has been one hell of a year! There’s no other way to put it. So much has happened that it’s hard to believe it only happened in the space of one year. It feels more like three!

Usually, when it comes to the end of the year, I say how I want the new year to be even better because the last one was anti-climatic or not particularly great. But this year, I’m not saying it because I don’t need to. I’ve had an amazing year and it’s one I won’t be forgetting.

Even though there was a lot of sadness and struggles at the beginning of the year, there was also a lot of happiness and memories made. I’ve learnt a lot about myself, who I am and the type of emotions I go through.

This year I was given the chance to grow into my shoes and I’ve learnt how to be confident in my body. I’ve become more passionate about the things I love and what interests me. I’ve been given endless opportunities and an abundance of luck which I hope continues in the new year.


I was lucky enough to go on three holidays all of which I needed for peace of mind. On my second holiday, I got a chance to finally feel what pure happiness is like. One without the stress and forcing yourself to forget the things you left behind. A chance to live in the moment with only one thing running through your mind, the present. It was pure bliss. I had planned all my outfits, every day was like a catwalk and I was living my best life. I got to explore and share the great times with one of my best friends. 


2017 was the year I found fashion. I’ve always loved and taken an interest in fashion but 2017 was the year I built up my wardrobe and looked stylish every day. I wore clothes I loved and found my sense of style. I found myself being inspired by the people around me and inspiring others.


With great clothes comes added confidence and that was something I really found this year. I became much more comfortable in my body which allowed me to be confident in the way I spoke to others and the way I moved. My confidence helped me in becoming more independent when I moved to Portsmouth and I, for the first time ever, found myself sitting alone in a coffee shop.


My inner strength was pushed to the limits in the last few months of A-levels. I questioned a lot about what I was doing and I even considered giving up and quitting. I even knew it was something I wasn't going to regret. But I carried on somehow and what kept me going was the end game and where I wanted to go after. I continued because I knew that it was just a very large hurdle I had the get over. 


Going to uni has taught me a lot about friendship. I was forced to make new friends who I absolutely adore. I grew closer to the friends that I left behind. Even though half my friends are spread all over the country it makes it that more exciting when we all join up together again.

All I can say is if 2018 is anything like 2017 was, then bring it on! I hope your 2017 was great and you have lots of memories to take with you into the new year. Best Wishes!

Love, Aoife x

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