About Me

Aoife - Ee-fa 

Hey there and welcome to my blog! This is me, Aoife Caitríona. A twenty-something self-confessed beauty junkie, a shopping addict and an expert on celebrity gossip and Netflix shows. I'm an NCTJ qualified Journalism graduate with an interest in behind-the-scenes of the fashion industry. I've also interned and appeared on BBC Radio 4's Today Show, The Times Magazine and Marie Claire.

I started blog writing at 15 and set up Aoife Caitriona when I turned 18. I wanted a space where I could share all my favourite things, from beauty and fashion to books and favourite destinations, on my own platform and have fun with photography.

Coco Chanel once said, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”. It’s a quote that has had a massive impact on me over the past year and this blog is really about me finding myself in a time where there’s a lot of pressure to work hard and to succeed, leaving not much time to embrace who we are.

I'm half Irish -which explains why my name that defies the rules of English language- and I'm very proud of my heritage. I was born and raised in London and still call it my home. Twenty years later and I can work the tube with my eyes closed. Ok, slight exaggeration but I am great at navigating the tube. 

My life is an organised mess and I may have a slight shopping addiction, which I'm working on. Enjoy this journey with me and follow me on all platforms (@aoifecaitrionax) to stay updated.

Love, Aoife xo

I love receiving mail, no seriously I do, so send me something at aoifecaitrionaxo@gmail.com