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It’s been almost two years since French brand La Roche-Posay revolutionised my skincare routine and my skin has never felt or looked healthier. I wrote a review on the Effacular range last year, which you can read here. The review is one of my most popular posts so I thought I’d come back to do an update of what my year has been like since using them.

I was introduced to the brand when they kindly sent me an email asking if I’d like to have some of their products. They didn’t want anything in return but they did turn me into a convert. And more importantly, a French skincare convert. All of their products are made with special thermal water meaning they are filled with goodness. <- My interpretation. 

In my current routine, I use the Effacular face wash and Effacular corrector cream. As well as their BB cream for light coverage. The Effacular range is targeted at acne-prone oily skin. The price range is in between high street and luxury. The most expensive thing costing you £16 for a BB cream and also the corrector cream. 

Before I started using La Roche-Posay, I had a lot of chin acne that would often flare up and I’d also get these annoying pimples popping up on my forehead or my cheek. I was really self-conscious of how red the spots would be against my pale skin so I did end up wearing a lot of foundation. Don’t get me wrong, I still get spots around my chin and other parts of my face like you can see in the picture but very rarely are they clusters of massive vibrant red volcanos. They are more like little bumps that never quite form into proper spots. 

The face wash is £12 or £18 depending on the size. I bought the £18 bottle for uni and I have to say, it’s lasted me longer than a year! You only need a coin-sized amount of face wash as it foams up really well. It’s my favourite product from the range and I feel it really helps to reduce the amount of excess oil my skin produces. It leaves my skin feeling a lot more balanced and actually cleaner from within. 

This review is similar to my last one as I love all of the products. I still buy the corrector cream even though it is the most expensive part of my routine. But that and the BB cream are my little splurges. In my last review, I complained that I didn’t feel the corrector cream was hydrating enough and the instructions on the packet confused me. It still does. However, I’ve figured out how to use the cream- yay! I only use a small amount as it is expensive and apply it to the key problem areas on my face such as cheeks and chin. I also find it easier to use and it glides on when my skin is healthier and not dry.

I occasionally use the Serozinc toning spray but only when I feel my skin is feeling really oily. When I first started using these products, my face used to feel so oily but it's definitely calmed down since. Something I accredit to a mixture of these products and a better diet. I don’t really eat greasy fast food or dairy as much as I used to and that’s really improved how my skin feels and looks. The spray contains zinc, which is common in a lot of oily skin products. It’s a very cooling and refreshing spray.

I’m still amazed at the Effacular range and how well it still works. Sometimes I find products become less effective the more you use them. However, I feel my skin has found balance with these products and I still recommend them to anyone with oily skin. My skin definitely feels fresher and free of oil (without that dry feeling) after every wash. They are pricey but they’re definitely worth the coin and you can see results within a week of using them. Plus, the face wash lasts you ages so it probably works out cheaply per wash.

Please note that my skin has cleared up from a mixture of these products, other skincare products I use and a change in my diet. I have cut out as much dairy as I can and I eat dairy-free alternatives. I also wash my face twice a day and a regular routine will help make a noticeable difference. 

La Roche-Posay is available online or instore in Boots and it's often on special offer. Also, if you're a student you can get 10% off. Bargain!

Love, Aoife xo

Going on holiday? Wondering what essentials to pick up before you go? With the holiday season officially underway, I’ve compiled a list/ edit of some of my favourite holiday items that will make your holiday that extra bit sweeter.

Spool Me Over, Essie (Nail Polish)

One of my favourite things about going on holiday -as cheesy as it is- is doing my nails. I love picking out a new colour and having a fresh coat that will last even after the holiday. Spool Me Over by Essie is a gorgeous pink. It’s not as bright as what I usually wear but this colour gets better as the days go on and the slightly faded look really compliments a tan. 

Effacular Blur, La Roche-Posay (Makeup base)

Finding some sort of coverage whilst on holiday can be a bit tricky as you’re pretty much going to sweat everything off. One solution is to spend a lot of time prepping and baking to prevent it. But, who can really be asked to do that? I’ve been using Effacular Blur for a while now and it’s been great. The BB cream can also be used as an SPF (suncream alternative). Double whammy; as you get your coverage and your skin is protected from the sun. It can look a little dry at first -if you look really closely- but it soaks up those pesky oils throughout the day. Making you look better throughout the day, something you don’t get often. It has a light-weight mousey texture and is a perfect base for any look.

Sea You Later Floppy Hat, Accessorize (Fedora)

I feel like everyone should have a fedora/ floppy hat. They’re not only fashionable but practical too. (Protecting your scalp from the sun, etc) It’s hard to find the perfect one that fits right but when you do, it’s great. Inspired by Meghan Markle and Dakota Johnson, I had to add a fedora to my holiday wardrobe. This one by Accessorise is adorable with the little tassels along the writing, Sea you Later. Fedora’s are everywhere this year and you can find them in H&M, Zara and Primark. They also make extremely cute Instagram pictures.

How To Be An Overnight Success by Maria Hatzistefanis (Book)

What is a holiday without a book? Every holiday deserves a new book and my pick is How to be an Overnight Success by Maria Hatzistefanis, founder of luxury skincare brand Rodial and Nip + Fab. Maria takes you through all the steps in how to be a success in business and personal branding. I have been loving self-improvement books lately; anything that teaches you about you, about blogging, fashion, you name it. There’s so much to learn and not just about yourself. Some people enjoy escaping with a bit of fiction, but for the moment, I’m happy to add a little self-discovery to my holiday.

Tan Strappy Gladiator Sandals, New Look (Footwear)

There is always that one pair of sandals in your shoe collection that lasts for years and for me, it’s my New Look pair. Gladiator sandals are a summer wardrobe staple and having them in tan makes them extremely versatile. You’ll struggle to find something that doesn’t go with them. The last pair of tan sandals I bought from New Look lasted ages and I wore them everywhere, all summer long.

Those are my holiday essentials, what essentials are you taking away with you?

Love, Aoife x
That feeling of bliss and hope all rolled into one because you’ve finally found skincare products that ACTUALLY work on your skin! In that moment you know that the product in your hand will irrevocably change your life for the better. You’ve finally found it!

It’s no lie that I love a good skincare product especially when it makes my skin feel great, look good and removes the pesky excess oils from my skin. I have oily skin, open pores and it’s spot prone. Basically, a nightmare! I spoke to someone at a skincare event earlier last year and she gave me some advice on washing my face regularly with certain products which will hopefully help to maintain my skin’s natural sebum production. (P.S- I've learnt that when looking for skincare products to target oily skin look for Zinc PCA in the ingredients)

It was around October/ November time, I received my first blogger mail (yay!). They sent over some skincare products from La Roche-Posay which is a brand I’d never really heard of before. I wanted to wait and try their whole range so I could get a feel for the type of products they were and to give you the low down. And let me just say… WOW!

The products I had been using were nearly finished and weren't exactly doing an effective job so I had started to look at different skincare products especially from French brands because their reputations are really good. So, these products literally could not have been sent at a better time. The products I received are from the Effacular range including the Purifying Foaming Gel, Effacular Duo(+), Unclogging purifying Sebo-controlling mask, and Serozinc.

The Effacular Range is targeted at oily and Acne prone skin and I could not recommend it enough! The foaming gel wash lathers really well and worked from day 1 stripping away all the excess sebum/ oils on my face. Using it regularly has really helped in maintaining my skins natural production of oil. In other words, I no longer spend 3/4 of the day with oily skin. Yipee! The face wash is now officially a staple in my routine.

I’ve also been using the mask that’s in the range and it does what it says on the tin, my skin looks purer and less oily use after use. I use this a couple of times during the week before I start my normal routine, putting on a really light layer and leaving it for around 5 minutes. It’s perfect! It's light, smells good and gives my skin that extra boost. A cheaper alternative would be L'Oreal Pure Clay masks but since applications are meant to be thin, the Effacular will last longer and be better value for money.

The Serozinc spray, which I’ve been using for a while is one of my faves! It’s so refreshing and cooling on your skin. It feels great after you’ve just dried your face. It's incredibly lightweight so you don't have to worry about clogging up your pores!

I also received the Effacular Duo(+) which I had mixed thoughts on up until two days ago. I couldn't tell if it was a moisturiser or not because it didn't say it explicitly on the box- it's not btw. Anyway, It has a matte finish which is perfect for oily skin and it targets blemishes which has really helped in clearing my skin. I think it can also double up as a primer as well because the texture when dried is very similar. As it's a very light moisturiser, I top it up with my usual moisturiser (Simple, oil balancing moisturiser).

The products cost a little more than the usual Clean & Clear, Neutrogena etc but it will last you a long time and with the results I've seen, it's definitely worth it or at least considering. If you were to get any of the products, I'd recommend the face wash and Serozinc. It lasts such a long time- I’ve been using the face wash twice a day for almost three months now and I haven’t even used half of it!

With that all said, I can’t tell you how great it is to have finally found products that work and have made a huge impact on my life and confidence. My skin feels and looks a lot like how it used to be pre-puberty. I would definitely suggest it to anyone with oily and acne-prone skin.

I was told when you find a product that works for you grab it and keep a firm grip on it -that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Love, Aoife xx

Have you guys found any skincare products that have worked for you? Also if you’ve used The Ordinary, is it any good?

Nighttime is one of my favourite times of the day. It’s the only time we get to truly be ourselves. We wash off the mask we’ve worn all day and have a chance to unwind. It’s in those moments before I slip in between my sheets, where I can pamper myself and reflect on the day I’ve just had. It’s the only time I can be myself; I’m finally not busy. No ones pushing me towards anything and I’m not in a hurry. It’s a beautiful time.

One of the ways I like to unwind is by washing the day off my face, giving it a little pampering after the harsh conditions it faces throughout a normal day.

I have to say, I didn't realise how many products I use until you put them all together. They're usually in different places around the room.

My first step is removing any make-up and bits of dirt with Garner Micellar Cleansing Water. It’s literally the greatest thing for removing make-up and doesn’t leave your face feeling dry like Face wipes do.

After that, I’ve been using La Roche-Posay Effacular Purifying Gel wash for oily sensitive skin. The lovely people from PR sent it over and it’s honestly my favourite thing. Compared to the previous face wash I’d been using before, I definitely felt as though all the excess sebum had been removed and my face felt cleaner and refreshed. This face wash definitely goes deeper in removing excess oils than other high street brands, so you actually feel fresh-faced. For £12 it’s definitely worth it. I’ll have a post coming out on that soon!

Once I’ve washed that off, I use Witch Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash to remove the dead skin cells and build up in my pores. I love that this is gentle and boosts the skin's hydration. Exfoliating daily helps to encourage blood flow to the face and it’s what gets you that natural glow.

My favourite step in my skincare routine is moisturizing. I’m obsessed with it! After I’ve pat-dried my face, I go in first with Simple Kind to eyes soothing eye balm, lightly patting it over my eyes with my ring finger. I then use Tea Tree Essential Oil which is great for targeting spots. It’s the most effective treatment I’ve found that does actually target and reduce the size within a few hours. I use my pinky finger and apply a little dab of oil on any spots.

Once my skin has a chance to absorb that, I use a little Bio-Oil. I’ve only started using this recently and it was actually my Mum who recommended it to me. She said it would be good for the light scaring I have on my face and clearing away the blemishes. So far so good. I was a little worried that to would leave my face looking really oily but as it spreads easily you only need a little bit.

After the Bio-Oil, I go in with my moisturiser. Olay Complete lightweight day fluid. It’s perfect for oily skin and it contains extra vitamins and SPF. I love applying moisturiser on a soft, smooth and freshly washed face. It feels heavenly.

I’ve also made a little video sharing the steps down below. So check it out! 

What do you guys do to rewind in the evening?

Love, Aoife x