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Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish review

There's a lot I could say about Liz Earle, all good things of course, but the Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser is a classic. I'm now on my third bottle and I've gotten quite familar with it. I'll be upfront and say it's not a cleanser I use reguarly. But, I do enjoy treating my skin to it a couple of times a week, especially when it needs a little more love and there's not a lot of buildup on my face.

Let's jump into the review!

Firstly, it smells amazing. It lists rosemary, chamomile, cocoa butter and eucalyptus essential oil as the highlighted ingredients. The scents of the eucalyptus oil and cocoa butter stand out to me and it makes washing your face a very relaxing experience. The cocoa butter, I'm sure, is responsible for how soft and smooth my skin feels after.

The hot cloth cleanser works by applying the cream to dry skin and gently massaging it to remove any dirt and makeup. Then you use a warm cloth to wipe it off. You can buy the cleanser with Liz Earle muslin cloths as part of a pack for £17. I have bought the packs before and then promply lost the cloths with all the rest I own. So, I think I'll just buy the cleanser separetly next time. 

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish review

I mentioned earlier that Cleanse & Polish isn't my daily cleanser but it's perfect for when you want to treat your skin to some tlc. It's probably a mixture of the natural scents and how my skin feels after that makes it a relaxing experience.

While I do love aspects to the cleanser, I don't always feel like I can massage it into my skin for too long before it starts to absorb the product. This is probably down to it being cream based and applying it to dry skin as opposed to one that lathers. I think I've just gotten used to following the #60secondrule with my other cleansers. Having said that, my skin does feel and look clean too. It suggests to use two/ three pumps but sometimes when I have a full face of makeup, I use a little more.

Occaisionally, Liz Earle comes out with limited edition versions of their products. Last year, I bought the limited edition cleanse & polish which used rose, I think. I ended up having a reaction to it which meant I broke out quite badly all over my forehead. So, I thing I'lll just stick to the original one.

So, would I recommend Cleanse & Polish? Yes! Not just for personal use but I also think it makes a great gift too. And it smells fabulous, what's not to love? Speaking of...I think I might use it now...

Have you ever tried Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish?

Love, Aoife xo

Cosrx Snail Mucin Power Essence Review

My inner product junkie lives on another day and this time bringing you my thoughts on the ever popular South Korean brand Cosrx’s Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power EssenceYep, I said it. It's snail secretion. I have used this product on and off for a couple of months which isn’t really long enough for a full blown review but a small one on first impressions will do.

Word on the street:

“Being 96% Snail Secretion Filtrate (Mucin), this essence helps the skin to lose less moisture while keeping the skin smooth and healthy.”

I love trying out hyped up products and this has been on my list for a while now. Snail Mucin is supposed to be really good because of its hydration properties. People have raved about Cosrx’s Snail Mucin serum for a while now and not just to use on your face, but on other parts of your body too! I’ve yet to experiment on anywhere other than my face but we’ll see.

Cosrx Snail Mucin Power Essence Review

Goodies in the mail:

I ordered my serum from YesStyle -well my friend ordered it for me- and it took a little while to arrive. As it would, coming from the other side of the world and all. It did take a little longer than I thought it would and by the time it arrived, I had almost forgotten about it.

I love the packaging of this serum! The bottle is clear, misted with a small label on the front. They were really going for a minimalist look when they designed the bottle. It doesn’t really list any of the other ingredients on it except from saying it has 96% of snail mucin. If you’re after the full list, it’s best to keep the box it came in.


The first time I used the Snail Mucin Power Essence, I freaked out. I didn’t know what to expect but a gooey and stringy substance was not it. It made me cringe a little, to be honest. I don’t know what I expected but it felt and looked a lot like snail secretion. It was definitely an experience applying something so stringy, especially when you're used to seeing it on the garden shed. After a couple of days, I got over it and began to notice the differences in my skin.

As I mentioned earlier, hydration is a largely spoken about benefit of using snail mucin. After a week or so, I could tell there was a difference in the appearance and feel of my skin. 
It was only small but it was definitely there. I could see that my skin was a little plumper and it felt healthier too. I applied a couple of small pumps to damp skin and lightly patted it in.

One thing I will say is I did experience some under-the-skin spots around my chin. I wasn’t sure if this was caused by the snail mucin serum so I tested it again a month later and there’s definitely a connection. They weren’t inflamed and never came to the surface but it was annoying.

Would I recommend it? 

I think the jury is still out on this one. I don’t this product is for me, personally. I've given it a go a couple of times but I'm not a fan of something that breaks me out. However, I’m really interested in trying out other products from their range.

Have you tried it?

Love, Aoife xo

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Twitter is one of my favourite social media platforms. I could spend hours scrolling aimlessly through all the memes, videos and commentary that people post. It's also my go-to for skincare advice. Skincare Twitter is rich in tips, advice, and product recommendations on just about any skincare condition. Whether you're suffering from cystic acne, struggling with dry skin, wanting to improve hyperpigmentation; someone's got you covered. Once you've tapped in to it, you'll never look back. 

One of things I love to see, are people sharing their journeys. It gives you so much hope that things will and can get better. That got a little deep there but when you have really bad acne it can be hard to envision what clear skin looks like. (P.S- here's my latest post on my acne journey.)

I follow accounts that specialise in acne-prone skin and who are always recommending great products to use. All the people who I follow are very interactive and are always answering people's questions. It's a big statement but I owe my clear skin to them and I'm so grateful for it. I mentioned them briefly in my previous post, What I wish I knew about treating acne.

Here are *some* of my favourite Skincare Twitter accounts to follow:

@LaBeautyologist- Nai is an esthetician based in LA and is the first ever esthi I followed on Twitter. She's known mostly for her #60SecondRule which encourged people to use their cleanser for longer to see better results. Her YouTube channel, The Golden RX, provides skincare advice and explains the science behind it. 

@makeupforwoc- I love following Tiara! She specialises in inflamed skincare conditions which makes her a great follow when you're suffering with acne. She reguarly posts tips and tricks to help reduce inflammation such as, washing with lukewarm water, wearing SPF daily and the importance of a healthy moisture barrier. I am also a member of the #glazeddonutgang!

@alicialartey- Alicia is a biomed undergraduate and esthetician in training. She is the most interactive, in my opinon, and reguarly opens the floor to her followers on Twitter and Instagram to answer any skincare concerns/ questions you have. Not that the others don't but Alicia is more likely to respond. I've asked a couple of questions including which products I can use while on Differin.

@HannahEEnglish- If there's one thing Hannah specialises in, it's sunscreen. Sunscreen is a vital step in your skincare routine, her words not mine. She's not quite as interactive but she does interact with skincare conversations among those in the industry.

@topicals- Topicals launched last year with two standout products treating hyperpigmentation and repairing the skin's moisture barrier. Unfortunately, the US brand isn't available in the UK unless you want to pay extortionate import fees. However, they are well worth a follow on Twitter. They reguarly post education threads on various skincare conditions to explain why the skin reacts that how and some products to help. Lily from @caveofbeauty is in charge of the eduction threads, as the Head of Education, and she is another esthi well worth a follow.

Who do you enjoy following on Twitter, skincare or not? 

Love, Aoife xo

Acne hacks skincare Sally Hughes pretty honest
Acne hacks pretty honest by Sally Hughes skincare

*Googling tips to on how to clear acne fast at half past midnight.*

There is a reason why all these acne posts you've read include the word 'journey'. That's because it is and it can be really long, lasting anything between a few months to a few years. For me, my acne journey has been a 10 month battle. 

I’ve finally reached the stage where I can comfortably look in the mirror and smile with confidence. My skin no longer looks like a battlefield and has been almost clear for a few months now. Yay! It’s not been an easy road and I’ve definitely made some errors along the way. By no means am I an expert but I thought I’d share all the things I wish I knew before treating acne. 

Here are some do’s and don’ts I wish somebody told me on how treat acne:

DO be patient. The first thing your doctor of dermatologist is likely to tell you is, “it’ll get worse before it gets better”. When you’ve been prescribed topical retinoids, you’re skin often purges which will make it look a lot worse. The good news is that it’s actually pushing all the acne that’s under the skin to the surface. So, it does get worse before it gets better. Hold on tight!

DON’T let anyone tell you what to do. Your acne journey is personal to you. Everyone always has something to say when it comes to treating acne. I had a lot of people with perfect skin telling me what to do and what not to do. But like I said, acne is a personal journey and there are multiple reasons as to why it’s flared up. There is plenty of information around -I recommend following estheticians and dermatologists on Twitter- for you to see what works for your skin and doesn’t. You don’t have to follow all their advice and you can pick and choose what works for you. It’s also where I get a lot of my advice from.

DO look after your moisture barrier. I’ve mentioned it plenty of times before and you’ve heard it a million times everywhere else but hydration is key. And the key to healthy skin, is a healthy moisture barrier. Some things that can harm your moisture barrier include over exfoliating, washing your face with hot water and using harsh products. A lot of acne treatments are drying and I've found they're a lot more effective when you're using products to help retain moisture and rebuild your barrier. I've been using Cerave's foaming face wash and I love it!

DO wash your face with cool water. I remember reading that you should wash your face with hot water because it will help open your pores and leave your face cleaner. WRONG! I’ve found that washing my face with cool/ lukewarm water has been really good at not irritating my inflamed skin and helping it to retain moisture. I got this tip from @makeupforwoc on Twitter who specialises in inflamed skin conditions.

DO use SPF. Wearing SPF is vital to anyone but when you’re been on retinoid creams and antibiotics as your skin becomes more vulnerable to the sun and it’s rays. Even more reason to top up on the SPF. The sun can always cause red/ dark marks to darken even more so SPF is a really good way to help improve the appearance of scarring. It’s also essential even if you’re not on any medication. SPF protects your skin from harmful UV rays, which are still around on rainy days.

DON’T pick your spots. I used to be an avid spot picker but it was my spot picking habits that helped me to realise I was starting to get acne. These spots were deeper under the skin and never formed a head. Acne spots aren’t pickable and trying will only leave you with scarring. Knowing that whatever I picked would leave a scar helped me kick that habit to the curb. Post acne and my skin has a lot of pigment scarring from the inflamed acne. Any spot that pops up 

Love, Aoife xo

Eye mask and body spray flatlay

Everything about summer makes me happy. The long nights, the constant light and the warm weather. The list could go on. While the constant heat is nice during the day, it can be unwanted in the evening. And on most nights, I’m tossing and turning trying to find the “cool place” on my mattress. Or waiting for a cool breeze to flow through my open window. Either way, it can start to feel like a mission to have a good nights sleep during the summer.

Here are four must haves to add to your summer night survival kit:

Silk/ satin pjs: I practically LIVE in these come June. H&M do really cute satin sets with a lace detail or frilly shorts. I currently have them in black floral, pink and blue. If you’re really struggling with the heat, Hollister have some really cute cotton two-pieces which will help keep you a little cooler.

Rituals, The Ritual of Karma Body Spray: I love adding a little bit of luxury to my routines and on summer nights, it comes in the form of this gorgeous Rituals Karma body spray. Smelling of holy lotus and white tea, it's a beautiful calming scent. I spray three or four pumps and let the fragarance wash over me.

H&M Satin PJ's

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic: There’s nothing better than those summer evening showers, washing away the suncream and dirt from the day. I recently decided to simplify my skincare routine while on acne medication to help improve my skin. You can read my latest acne post here. All Liz Earle products are vegan friendly and made from natural ingredients. This toner is soothing on the skin and the natural fragrance adds to the floral of summer. Tip- If you leave your toner in the fridge, it’s really nice and cool on your skin when you get around to applying it.

Eye mask: Did you know during the summer months of Iceland, they can get up to 21 hours of sunlight? If you’re someone who wakes up with the light and struggles to get back to sleep, it’s well worth investing in an eye mask. I bought mine from H&M last year as part of their Love Stories x H&M collection and I adore it. I really like the tie detail at the back which allows you to tie it as tightly as you like and you don’t have to worry about stretching it out.

There you have it. Four must haves I think are important for those hot summer nights. I thought about adding more but when it comes down to it, less is more. And when, it’s 30 degrees in my room, the last thing I’m reaching for is something to add more layers.

What is in your summer nights survival kit?

Love, Aoife xo

If you had asked me who or what Cerave was this time last year I wouldn’t have had a clue. I first came across the cult US brand when it started appearing in Boots. It then started popping up on my feed and I could see it had a lot of (good) attention around it. People seemed to be flocking to the shelves in the shops.

Cerave is popular for a number of reasons. The most popular being that all of the products are enriched with ceramides. Ceramides help to repair and strengthen the skin’s barrier helping it to retain moisture. This means that Cerave’s products are all about hydrating the skin and maintaining the moisture throughout the day. They are fragrance-free and free of ingredients that irritate the skin.

The price range for Cerave is mid-level. It’s more affordable than La Roche-Posay but not as cheap as high street brands like Simple. The brand has a small range of roughly eight products that work for the body and face. 

I finally gave in to my product junkie urges after I decided to simplify my skincare to help improve my skin— which of course started with some new products as an incentive. I’m currently on acne medication and needed something gentle on my skin. I saw that Cerave is often recommended when you're on acne medication. If you like, you can read more about my acne journey here.

I picked up the Foaming Cleanser and Moisturising Cream to see if they were worth the hype. The Foaming Cleanser is suited to normal and oily skin which is exactly my skin type. Since I have been dealing with very dry skin, I wanted a strong moisturiser that could penetrate the flaky patches I got. 

I’ve almost finished both bottles and I really like them. The cleanser is really soft and light. It foams up well and is good at keeping my skin hydrated. Especially since when I use the prescription cream I can’t put anything on my face for 15 minutes. My skin feels a lot lighter, softer and plumper from all the bonus moisture.

The moisturiser is lovely, thick and enriching. It doesn't cover up my pores or trap dirt and allows my skin to breathe. Normally, I'm a little apprehensive on applying such a thick cream with oily skin. I'm not sure if it's these products specifically or a combination of everything I'm using in my routine, but my skin has been a lot less oily.

Cerave is a basic, no-frills brand. It is one of those brands that reinforce the main purpose of skincare- to clean and hydrate the skin. From what I’ve used, it’s very gentle on the skin and definitely hydrating. You can see a difference in your skin within a week of using them regularly. When it comes to the hype around skincare products I expect big things. Personally, I’m not sure Cerave fits my criteria of a hyped product. But I will say that it is incredibly soft, gentle and hydrating without making you look greasy. 

Love, Aoife xo

Over the last six months or so, my acne has gotten much worse. It went from a few pimples on my cheeks to having a full beard of red marks and occasionally painful spots. It's been so itchy and I couldn't even cover up the redness with makeup. It got so bad that I didn't like looking at my face in the mirror and seeing all the inflamed redness. They say not to pick your spots because that could make things worse but let's be honest, we've all picked a spot at some point in our lives. The good news is I've managed to curb that habit and I'm just hoping it'll clear in its own time.

I thought I could sort it without the help of a medical professional but even my Effacular Duo couldn’t save me.

What I’ve tried:

What haven’t I tried! I went through a list of things that could possibly be making the acne worse; I changed my diet and stopped using certain products that I thought were harsh on my skin.

I went through this list, cutting out dairy completely, eating anti-inflammatory foods only, cutting out sugary foods, and only noticed a slight difference in the redness of my skin but the acne didn’t go away. I tried cutting out meat entirely which didn't make much of a difference either.

I've also tried using different products that have worked for other people. I stopped using the Pixi Glow Tonic (read my review) in case it was too harsh. I applied Sudocrem which seemed to reduce some of the redness but didn't do anything to my acne. Additionally, I also tried an over the counter 5% Benzoyl Peroxide gel, Acnecide. It worked on a few spots but I ended up having an allergic reaction to the gel so I had to stop that treatment. My face swelled up so much to the point I couldn’t even suck in my cheeks. My face was extremely dry especially on my neck and around my eyes which hadn’t even come in contact with the cream. It took me about two months and plenty of Aveeno to improve my skin texture. 

Where I am now:

My doctor first thought I could be suffering from hormonal acne and prescribed me the combination pill Lucette to help regulate my hormones and Epiduo, an acne treatment cream. Epiduo contains 2.5% Benzoyl peroxide and 0.1% adapalene. Both those chemicals together target the spots on my skin and those forming underneath. The adapalene, according to my Doctor, also irritates the skin and makes it quite sensitive to the sun. I try to keep out of the sun where I can and wear plenty of SPF.

After speaking to another doctor two months later, he prescribed me with a course of antibiotics called Lymecycline. From what I know, these are only prescribed to those suffering from acne. I’m only on day 8 so I’ll share another update when I finish the course.

Love, Aoife xo

Who remembers the Micellar water craze a few years ago? When everybody was raving about how amazing micellar water was. Or was that just me? I’ll admit, I was part of that craze. I loved sprinkling the holy water on a cotton pad and watching all my makeup disappear from my face. But what if there’s a better, more effective, way of removing makeup? Like, oil cleansing?

In the last month or so, I have been obsessed with Nay (@LABeautyologist). Her Twitter is filled with skincare advice, tips and tricks. As a licensed esthetician, she also provides scientific explanations so you can understand more about what each ingredient or step in your skincare routine does and make your own informed decision. One night, I ended up in a YouTube black hole and watched all her YouTube videos. I learnt about double cleansing, toning and all about oil cleansing.

The Oil Cleansing Method...

I have oily acne-prone skin and so the thought of adding oil to oil and spots can be a little daunting. However, it has been tried, tested & shouted from the rooftops that using an oil cleanser can help the skin’s oil balance and won’t make it more oily. The oil cleanser itself doesn't leave any residue behind and is not drying.

The way oil cleansing works is by gently massaging a few drops of oil onto your face for at least 60 seconds. Remember to keep your palms and face dry when you apply it so it can work properly. The oil lifts the dirt from clogged pores, excess sebum and removes dead skin cells from your face. You can read more about the science here or watch Nay's video here. Once you've massaged the oil around your face, you gently wipe the oil off with a wet face cloth. It's a really good method of clearing out build up from your pores and has really helped with my acne. 

What I found...

In this experiment, I used Simple’s Hydrating Oil cleanser (recommended by HeyitsMorgan). It's made with 100% grapeseed oil and is incredibly soft and gentle on my skin. I use a 1p coin-sized amount of oil and massage it around my face for at least a minute. I follow the #60secondrule so whenever I cleanse my face I rub the cleanser in for at least 60 seconds. 

The fun part of oil cleansing is the longer you massage the oil in, the more dirt it picks up from your skin. I think the longest I've oil cleansed is 4 minutes. You can often feel gritty bits coming away from your skin and see little beige dots on your palms; these are the oil plugs that have been lifted from your skin. It’s the most satisfying part of oil cleansing.

The Results are in...

Out of the two cleansing methods, I prefer oil cleansing. I feel like it's more suited to my skin. It’s a much gentler and cleanses more than just the surface. This is evident by the grit you can see on your palms. It's not as drying as Micellar Water and my skin looks a lot less red. I’ve noticed a big difference in the past month on the appearance of my pores and the regular facial massage has helped improve my blood circulation, so I am practically glowing.

I love that you can spend more time cleansing and massaging your face than with a face wipe or micellar water. The massage really helps me to unwind in the evening and is perfect for when I need to escape the chaos of my flatmates.

What are your thoughts of oil cleansing? Do you think you'll try it?

Love, Aoife xo

It’s no secret that skincare is one of my favourite things to purchase. In this new series, I want to put to the test whether some of the holy grail and most talked about products are worth the hype they receive. In the first post I’m reviewing Pixi's Glow Tonic.  

Pixi’s Glow Tonic is a staple feature when it comes to skincare products appearing on my Instagram feed. The bottle’s iconic packaging of an orange tinted plastic bottle with a pea green lid and label is instantly recognisable anywhere. The 250ml bottle retails for £18, but 100ml and 500ml are also available to buy from most beauty outlets. The 250ml bottle lasted me about nine months.

The Tonic contains 5% glycolic acid which is a micro-exfoliant. (Read here what glycolic acid is and it's benefits.) On the label, it recommends using the tonic either in the morning and at night or when needed. At first, I used it at both times at the day before switching to only at night. I actually prefer using the product once a day as two times is too strong for my skin. After consistently using the product for about a month, I slowly started using my exfoliating scrub less and less. However, I still exfoliate once a week to smooth my skin and give it a little TLC boost.

It also contains Aloe Vera to soothe and hydrate the skin as well as ginseng to improve circulation for a brighter, healthier looking complexion. I agree that the tonic has helped improve my skin’s appearance in looking brighter and healthier. My pore’s have also been looking pretty great at the moment.

It took me a little while to understand this product. It might seem a bit silly but at first I wasn’t quite sure what its purpose was. I understand slightly better now that it's a light daily chemical exfoliater. The results were quite gradual and for the most part, I’m still on the fence. However, I stopped using the tonic for a week and I could really feel and see a difference in the texture of my skin. 

Overall, I’d say this product is worth the hype. It’s a bit of a luxury to add to your routine and I like the simplicity of it. It’s a micro-exfoliant that works best with regular use.

Have you tried Pixi Glow Tonic?

Love, Aoife xo

There’s nothing quite like getting me out of a blogging rut than doing a skincare post, my favourite kind. I sort of took an unofficial blogging break to get things and my life back in order. After taking some time to myself, I have come back inspired and motivated to get back into blogging. For this blog post, I wanted to share some common skincare mistakes that I’m pretty sure that we are all guilty of doing at some point in our lives.

*    *    *

Not removing your makeup- How many times have you laid down in bed, got all comfy and wanted to just go to sleep except you've forgotten to remove your makeup and wash your face? We've all been there. But not removing your makeup is far worse than disrupting your almost sedated state. It only goes downhill from there, unfortunately, as your skin is most likely to get worse and you'll probably find some breakouts. There's a post on Good Housekeeping you can read to learn all about the detrimental effects.

Insisting you need to buy a whole skincare range- But it looks pretty though *crying emoji*. Great skincare products are designed to complement other great products. I've learnt that if a product is good enough and lives up to what it says, it will work on its own without the aid of the other products in the range. 

Thinking a good skincare routine will solve all your skin problems- Trust me, it's more than just the lotions and potions you put on your skin every morning and night. The truth is, good skincare is more than just how often you wash your face. Although that really does help. It's about diet, the body's hydration, mental wellness etc. Set yourself a challenge of drinking more water in a week and see if there's a difference in your skin.

Sun cream is only for the sun- Except it isn’t. We all use sun cream in the summer, we put it on our arms, legs, shoulders and faces. Sun cream is designed to protect us from UV rays which are the cause of sun damage and skin cancer. It’s important to wear sun cream all year round to protect your face from UV rays. You may not be able to see or feel them, but they are there. Remember to slap some on before you next go out. If you don't believe me, check out the real doctors here.

Using toothpaste to get rid of spots- Is it just me who thought this was a hack? I'm sure my friend told me about it. As it turns out, it's anything but a hack. The acidity in toothpaste actually causes your skin to erode, removing healthy layers of skin. I found out the hard way when my chin was left peeling for about a week. I couldn’t even cover it with makeup as it continued to peel throughout the day. There’s a reason it’s called toothpaste and not multi-purpose paste.

So there you have a list of five common skincare mistakes. How many are you guilty of? Got any to add?

Love, Aoife x

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If you’ve kept up with the latest beauty news then you know that Korean beauty a.k.a K-Beauty has become a new market favourite. Their quirky but phenomenal products are revolutionising the market and I am in full support of it.

One of my favourite Korean beauty products is the Faith in Face, I Need Relaxing Care pearl cellulose sheet mask. As far as sheet masks go, this is the most hydrating mask I have ever tried. When you take the folded sheet out of the packet, it is dripping in serum. It took me by surprise the first time I used it as I juggled with it my hands. The serum was easily and quickly absorbed by my skin, leaving it with a much-needed burst of hydration. The pack recommends that you leave it one for 15-20 minutes. It's longer than most masks but sitting down and not doing much for that time with a cooling mask on your face is seriously one of the most relaxing activities.

K-beauty is impressing everyone and it's obvious as to why. Not only do they have quirky packaging but they're selling quality products and adding fun back into beauty. I've only had a snippet of k-beauty and I'm excited to try what's next. 

Love, Aoife x

I've only been able to find these masks in person in TK Maxx but I have found them available on Amazon.

P.S- you can read more of my beauty reviews, here.

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That feeling of bliss and hope all rolled into one because you’ve finally found skincare products that ACTUALLY work on your skin! In that moment you know that the product in your hand will irrevocably change your life for the better. You’ve finally found it!

It’s no lie that I love a good skincare product especially when it makes my skin feel great, look good and removes the pesky excess oils from my skin. I have oily skin, open pores and it’s spot prone. Basically, a nightmare! I spoke to someone at a skincare event earlier last year and she gave me some advice on washing my face regularly with certain products which will hopefully help to maintain my skin’s natural sebum production. (P.S- I've learnt that when looking for skincare products to target oily skin look for Zinc PCA in the ingredients)

It was around October/ November time, I received my first blogger mail (yay!). They sent over some skincare products from La Roche-Posay which is a brand I’d never really heard of before. I wanted to wait and try their whole range so I could get a feel for the type of products they were and to give you the low down. And let me just say… WOW!

The products I had been using were nearly finished and weren't exactly doing an effective job so I had started to look at different skincare products especially from French brands because their reputations are really good. So, these products literally could not have been sent at a better time. The products I received are from the Effacular range including the Purifying Foaming Gel, Effacular Duo(+), Unclogging purifying Sebo-controlling mask, and Serozinc.

The Effacular Range is targeted at oily and Acne prone skin and I could not recommend it enough! The foaming gel wash lathers really well and worked from day 1 stripping away all the excess sebum/ oils on my face. Using it regularly has really helped in maintaining my skins natural production of oil. In other words, I no longer spend 3/4 of the day with oily skin. Yipee! The face wash is now officially a staple in my routine.

I’ve also been using the mask that’s in the range and it does what it says on the tin, my skin looks purer and less oily use after use. I use this a couple of times during the week before I start my normal routine, putting on a really light layer and leaving it for around 5 minutes. It’s perfect! It's light, smells good and gives my skin that extra boost. A cheaper alternative would be L'Oreal Pure Clay masks but since applications are meant to be thin, the Effacular will last longer and be better value for money.

The Serozinc spray, which I’ve been using for a while is one of my faves! It’s so refreshing and cooling on your skin. It feels great after you’ve just dried your face. It's incredibly lightweight so you don't have to worry about clogging up your pores!

I also received the Effacular Duo(+) which I had mixed thoughts on up until two days ago. I couldn't tell if it was a moisturiser or not because it didn't say it explicitly on the box- it's not btw. Anyway, It has a matte finish which is perfect for oily skin and it targets blemishes which has really helped in clearing my skin. I think it can also double up as a primer as well because the texture when dried is very similar. As it's a very light moisturiser, I top it up with my usual moisturiser (Simple, oil balancing moisturiser).

The products cost a little more than the usual Clean & Clear, Neutrogena etc but it will last you a long time and with the results I've seen, it's definitely worth it or at least considering. If you were to get any of the products, I'd recommend the face wash and Serozinc. It lasts such a long time- I’ve been using the face wash twice a day for almost three months now and I haven’t even used half of it!

With that all said, I can’t tell you how great it is to have finally found products that work and have made a huge impact on my life and confidence. My skin feels and looks a lot like how it used to be pre-puberty. I would definitely suggest it to anyone with oily and acne-prone skin.

I was told when you find a product that works for you grab it and keep a firm grip on it -that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Love, Aoife xx

Have you guys found any skincare products that have worked for you? Also if you’ve used The Ordinary, is it any good?