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4 August 2017

I can't believe we've reached August already! I know that's a cliche thing that everyone says at the beginning of each new month but it's true. I feel like because my year has been so jam-packed full of things that time is flying by. Results day is looming and soon I'll be starting university (not something I want to be thinking about right now).

I suppose August is my last month of 'Freedom' and I've got a few goals for the month ahead that I'd like to set myself. I've also decided to set myself a challenge of not buying any books this month, I have to either read the books I have, or borrow from the library. In hope I can reduce my spending. Anyway, back to my August goals:

#1 Take it Easy. I'm the type of person who gets involved in every possible thing. And whilst it has really paid off this year with getting into uni, I never get any time to spend on myself. So throughout August, I want to slow down and take it easy, remember how to breathe and relax.

#2 Complete my bucket list. I wrote a bucket list of all the things I wanted to accomplish this summer before uni back in May and I don't know what's happened to it. I've definitely completed some of it already, I just have to tick the other things off. I can't wait for all of the adventures coming my way. Here is what's remaining: Be Carrie Bradshaw for the day, Go on an Adventure, and Have a big reunion with friends from Secondary School.

#3 Write More. It's one thing blogging but it's another thing writing. I recently found some excerpts from stories that had I had written a few years ago. And surprisingly, they're really good. Like REALLY good. I want to get back into writing like that and tap into the Author inside of me. Whether it's little pieces, like scenes, or something else, I'd love to explore more and get back into it.

#4 Be Youthful. Youth is such a beautiful thing and to be able to keep a part of your youth in your heart is so important. I'm 18 now, basically an adult, and one thing I never want to lose is my youth. So whilst I spend the summer acting like an adult and being 'sensible', I want to keep that innocence and discovery that a youth has.

So there you have it, my four goals for August. I know four is a silly number to end on but I suppose those were the main goals I wanted to achieve. Any ones after that wouldn't have been very good. I've never written goals for the month ahead before but I think it will help me to improve myself and make life better. Maybe you could have a go?

Love, Aoife x

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