Trash Talk | Recent Beauty Empties

25 January 2020

One of the worst things in the world -okay, it probably isn’t- is when you discover your favourite moisturiser or cleanser is on its last legs. Or when you’re getting ready for a night out and fighting with the pump on your primer to get the last of it out. First world problem, I know. However, there are some positives when it comes to finishing a product. I am a massive beauty junkie so for me, it's the perfect excuse to try a new skincare product out. 

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish // I love this product! I purchased it on Boxing Day last year and this product has been my saviour for when I’m too lazy and cold to take off my makeup or wash my face. This product can be put on directly to a dry face, covered in makeup or not, and you wipe it off with a warm muslin cloth. I’ll definitely be buying this again and I’ll write a full review so keep your eyes open for that. I also tried the special edition version with Lavender the other month. However, it caused my skin to break out all over my forehead so I had to donate it. 

Pixi Glow Tonic // This product is raved about all the time and personally, I’m on the fence. The only time I noticed a difference is when I stopped using it for about a week and my skin was totally different. One thing I will say is that the tonic contains a micro-exfoliator which with regular use, I find myself reaching for my exfoliating scrub less and less. Read my full review here.

Avéne Rich Hydrating Creme // Someone recommended this to me in passing about four years ago and I’ve only now just picked this up. This creme is super hydrating especially after I've washed my face and it's in need of a little boost. However, my skin is oily and as this creme is quite strong and rich in hydration, I tend to use this creme at night. 

Revlon Photoready pore reducing primer // I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this primer. There’s something about it I don’t like but it’s the best I’ve come across, so I kind of like it. Having a moisturised base is key with this primer otherwise it doesn’t sit properly. Other than that, it’s a great primer and is a great barrier between my skin and makeup. Read my full review here.

La Roche-Posay Effacular Face Wash // If you’re a long term reader, you know the deal with this. I buy this product on repeat and it’s great for my oily skin. I've had a lot of breakouts recently so I decided to go back to the basics. You can read my first impressions here and an updated review here.

What products have you finished recently? 

Love, Aoife xo