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Happy new year!! I hope your new year is going as great as mine or if not, greater. Normally when a new year and a new chapter has started, I typically set myself a list of resolutions which I vaguely try and follow throughout the year. However, I entered the new decade full of so much hope and happiness that my resolutions turned to goals. I wrote myself a list of things that I wanted to aspire this year with the key one being chasing my happiness. 

These goals are also habits that I’d love to develop over the course of the year.

01. Complete my wind-down journal // I didn’t buy much in the Boxing Day sales -shock, I know- but I did buy a wind-down journal to fill in every evening. There are 365 pages in the journal and it requires only five minutes of my time in the evening before bed. I’d love to write in it every day and be able to read all my achievements at the end of 2020.

02. Stop wishing time away // I’m that person who sits doing nothing wishing for it to 5pm so I can get ready to meet my friends or for time to move a little faster so I don’t have to sit in a boring lecture or chat to someone, I’m not interested in chatting too. I’m graduating this summer and time will most definitely go by quickly so wasting time away really shouldn't be a habit I stick to. 

03. Believe in me more // I don’t know how many times I’ve been told that I need to be more confident in myself but you can probably guess it’s a lot. One habit I want to develop this year is to stop putting myself down so much. I am capable of a lot of things that I don’t give myself credit for. I also let other people’s opinions dictate how I feel about something. Personal development is something I always want to work on so let’s hope that this year I can say more than just I found myself.

04. Read more physical books // I read a lot of Ebooks on my phone. One thing I’d love to do is to start reading more physical books. I have a whole shelf full of books that I’ve never read so it’s probably time I start one of those before buying some new books or going to the library. I’d also love to read some more of the classic novels like Little Women. I read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and it was both beautiful and sad.

05. Make Wednesday mask day // Or any other possible day in the week if Wednesday isn’t available. In my first year of university, I dedicated Wednesday as mask day where I’d give myself a little pamper in the evening. I can’t remember why I stopped but I did and my skin is often calling out for something extra. My Dad bought my this Avocado Nourishing Hydration mask from Kiehl’s and it's motivating me to mask up.

06. Make my bed everyday // Beds look so much more inviting when it’s all made up. I’ll admit that at university, my duvet and pillows often gets thrown about but this year, we’re going to change that. A tidy room is a tidy mind. It can’t hurt to put them on my bed nicely.

07. Become plant-based // I’m sort of in the middle of developing this habit. For a few months now, my diet has consistently been plant-based with the odd bit of meat and meat products here and there. My goal is to become completely plant-based.

08. Go to the gym more/ take an exercise class/ go running // I admit I’m one of those noncommittal gym people. I have a membership and go when I feel like it which can either be twice a week for a month or not at all for three. There's a weekly pilates class at my local gym which costs me £2 if I want to go. I'm going to aim to attend weekly

09. Wake up early // Some people have the ability to wake up at 5 am every day and have the most productive day. I have come to the conclusion that I may never be that person but I can at least try like waking up at 7am instead of 10am. It's true what they say about waking up early. There's a lot you can accomplish before lunchtime when you wake up early. 

10. Take myself out on dates // The other day I went to Wagamamas with my stepsister and saw this woman who was sat by herself. She was sat drinking some wine and reading her kindle. I'd love to have the confidence to take myself out to the cinema more, to go into restaurants and sit alone, or to go on a day trip somewhere.

What's a habit you'd like to build this year?

Love, Aoife xo