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10 July 2017


Hey Lovelies, I'm feeling positive today. It's Monday, the start of a new week and I'm feeling very productive today. Another month is over which means new favourites.

May was a very hectic month. A lot happened and I can't believe that it all happened in the space of 30 days. Like, wow. (See- Life Update.) There were a lot of happy and sad moments last month and if I've learnt anything, it's to live life to the fullest. I always spend so much time reflecting on the past and trying to make relationships with people work. I've now got to learn how to let go and feel confident moving forward by myself. With that said, I'm extremely happy that May is finally over. 

Now all I have to worry about are my exams.

may faves

May was a pretty basic month, mostly spent focusing on schoolwork, but I do have some favourites to share. So here are my favourites from May:


New Look, Black Suedette Cross Strap Side pumps, £18.99-

These are the definition of cute! They are just gorgeous. I found these beauties sitting on the shelf in New Look when I was looking for a pair of flats that I could wear to Sixth Form without having to wear tights.

They look so adorable on my feet and are the perfect pair of flats. These are my first ever pair of pointed toe shoes and I love them! I love the thin straps and the cross design on the side. They're perfect for the summer!

Plus- The missing sides to the shoe mean that my feet don't look really long which is generally why I stay away from pointed shoes.


Barry M, That's Swell! Lip plumper, £4.99-

I have been using this for a few weeks and I love how soft and plump my lips have been feeling. Surprisingly, they feel more moisturised than they've done in the past but that might also be because the air isn't as dry as it has been.

This is a cute lip gloss to use in the summer; it's clear and plumps the lips a little, making them appear a little softer. It's been a long time since I've used a lip product that's clear, glossy and comes in a tube. I love the gold accents on the tube too.

glow scrub may faves

L'Oréal, Pure Clay Glow Scrub, £3.99- 

I have been using this in my skincare routine recently (See- Skin care routine) and I absolutely love it! I love that it's inexpensive- I think I would pay a few pounds more for this.

I love when skincare products do what they say they're going to do. And this scrub does that! Since using this, I'm much more committed to my skincare routine and my skin is just loving it.

notebook may faves

Notebook, £4

Can we please talk about how bloody cute this notebook is, it's gorgeous! I'm really into pale pinks at the moment and I love the gold embellished 'XoXo' on the front. I think I'm starting to grow an obsession with buying new notebooks. They just look so perfect and neat. I can't wait to start writing in it- I just have to find something good to write about!

I can't believe this was only £4 in Sainsbury's! If you're ever looking for good stationary, go check out Sainsbury's because they have the perfect stationary at good prices.

So those are my favourites for May, I kept it short and sweet. I hope you enjoyed them!

See you soon,

AC xo

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