Why I moved to Blogger from WordPress

24 July 2017

In the world of blogging, it seems silly to move to a blogging platform more limited than the one you were originally on. There are so many bloggers out there who started out on Blogger and are now interested in moving their blog over to WordPress. So, I guess the question is why would I want to move my blog over to a platform that provided me with more restrictions.

The answer is simple.

All I wanted to do is to blog. I'm not interested in using my blog for commercial purposes. I'm not trying to turn into a business. If that option came further down the line then I might consider. But for now, when I spend more days feeling like a goldfish in the ocean, I'm only after the simple life. I want a platform that allows me to blog, express my opinion and to do that, I made the decision to move over to Blogger.

WordPress is great. It provided me with a lot of opportunities when I first started back in 2013. I'll forever be grateful and I could never hate Wordpress. But for reasons I don't think I can quite explain, moving my blog was what was good for me. It was what I needed to do to move forward. So here I am. My first post on my new site.

I've uploaded all of my old posts from aoifecaitriona.wordpress.com so your able to see them. And I'll keep that site live too. Life is like a journey and sometimes we have to make decisions and change it up a little, in order to keep moving forward. So, I hope you'll stick around.

Love, Aoife x

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