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Kate Spade Margaux bag black floral in small

Say hello to Margaux by Kate Spade

Some people collect coins. Some people collect cars. I seem to collect bags. Well, as much as my student budget can afford. For my 21st birthday, my Mum decided to add to my collection of growing bags. This bag is part of the Margaux range from Kate Spade which is in the size mini with a black floral print. I absolutely adore it and you can see why.

Since it was for my 21st, I wanted to make this bag felt a little more special and less like something I’d wear everyday. Most of the bags I have are in monochromatic colours and are more versatile so I had a little more freedom with this one. And since it was for a special occasion, I wanted something a little more memorable.

I really like the painted flowers as it gives it a younger and fresher feel. It reminds me of Carrie’s bag in The Carrie Diaries, one of my favourite CW shows. She had a black briefcase style bag and decorated it with paint splashes and her name painted onto it. That was pretty much the main reason why I was attracted to it. The light pastel colours means its great for the summer season as well as the winter. 

Kate Spade embossed logo

I’m not really a fan of grain leather, I tend to prefer the polished look of smooth leather. However, I think the grain leather works well for this bag because the size is small and the print takes away from the texture. The bag is available in medium and large but I stuck to the smaller one. I already own a medium sized bag in a similar style but it can feel a little clunky when I wear it as a cross body. I’m a small framed person and so, I like that it isn’t too big on me. It does mean that I’m not able to fit as much in to it though so I do need to choose what I take out wisely.

It has three compartments to the bag: two open and one zipped where you can store your cards. It also has an adjustable strap which you can detach if you’d rather hold it.

What are you a collector of?

Love, Aoife xo

Sweedish high street retailer, H&M, has often collaborated with designers to release a limited edition capsule collection. Previous successful collaborations include Moschino, Erdem, Karl Lagerfeld and now Giambattista Valli. The Giambattista Valli X H&M collection features lots of stunning tulle dresses, blouses and also tights. With the collection's release date looming, I thought I'd share an unpublished blog post from last year featuring their GP & J Baker X H&M collection.

*   *   *

I hardly ever buy from limited-edition designer collections. Mainly because I don’t have the type of money to go around spending it like that. But…. I am learning that it’s okay to be a bit more spontaneous and fun with my choices when I shop. As long as my purchases aren’t totally impulsive and I know I’m going to wear it plenty of times.

It was back in the summer, while I was out shopping with my Mum and brother down Westfield when I walked past H&M and spotted a mannequin in the window wearing the cutest jumpsuit I had ever seen. So I went instore to have a proper look at it on the rail. I didn’t buy the jumpsuit on that day; I tried it on, fell in love and begrudgingly put it back. But I managed to track down the last one a week later. As the collection was limited edition, the jumpsuits had pretty much sold out except from a couple of size 4’s (US size 0) left. 

The jumpsuit in question, which is adorable, is part of the GP & J Baker x H&M collection for SS18. The brand in collaboration with one of my favourite high street retailers is a wallpaper company who specialise in prints. So a lot of the pieces used their famous prints. 

So yeah, I just wanted to share these cute pictures taken inside The Shop at Bluebird in Covent Garden just before my friend and I headed to an exclusive premiere of Crazy Rich Asians back in September. I’ve worn the jumpsuit a lot since then including to work (I was interning at Marie Claire) and to a friends birthday meal.

Love, Aoife xo

You know the saying “you can take the girl out of London but you can’t take London out of the girl.” Well as it turns out you can’t take the girl out of London either. 

I am a city girl, through and through. Anyone who knows me will clearly see that I thrive in a big city. It’s the place I feel most comfortable and empowered. It’s home. And the moment you dare to take me out of the city: I start to crumble. It’s been two years since I took up part-time residency (left feels so final) in a smaller city to go to university. It has been the hardest transition I’ve faced in life despite everything else that has happened.

You see, London, you are freedom. I learned to navigate you growing up, thanks to my Dad, and it’s almost like being in control of the world. Whether it’s to hop on the Victoria line and arrive in town 20 minutes later. Or to jump on the central line and step out onto the charming roads of Notting Hill. I can navigate you even with my eyes closed.

Sometimes, I find it ironic how a city that’s so crowded provides me with the same amount of freedom that others may find running through a country field. I’ve learned that freedom is me being able to navigate myself. I am in control. It’s me, my two legs and my Oyster card. 

I think what I love most about London is how it's constantly changing. It evolves and opens discussions. Creates spaces that let me and others explore our passions. Excites us and keeps us on our toes. It always keeps me amused and amazed at how much talent one city can breathe. 

London, you are home. You make me and others feel like we’re on top of the world. You continue to buzz and thrive. My Mum calls you a playground and I agree. You’re one big adventure where nothing is ever the same. 

Like I mentioned earlier, moving out of London is one of the hardest things I’ve done. I miss it so much and much to my parents' annoyance, I always return to keep the affair going. 

Are you a city or country person?

Love, Aoife xo

What is the meaning of life? You tell me.

What is the difference between right and wrong? It’s about feeling; knowing what you shouldn’t do versus the better option.

Nature or nurture? Nurture. 

Is it more important to be liked or respected? Respected. You don’t necessarily have to like someone/ thing but you can appreciate them/ it. I get really frustrated when people can’t appreciate the time and effort that goes into something.

If you could be remembered for one thing what will it be? For being passionate and encouraging others to find theirs [passion]. 

Who or what is your greatest love? Fashion. 

When did you last lie? Yesterday. A woman came up to me and I had no clue who she was but she obviously knew me. So I pretended like I knew more than I did when she spoke to me.

Does the supernatural exist? If you want it to.

Are you fatalistic? Yes. And also no. I believe we are given choices and it’s up to us to decide which ones to take. But, also, that it will all work out in the end. Even if we’ve been dealt with the wrong cards; know that it will get better.

What is your greatest fear? Being lonely. I don’t mind being alone and living by myself but to be completely lonely and have no-one. That’s quite scary.

Animals or babies? Babies. 

What talent do you yearn for? Being able to sing would be awesome.

Do you like to be complimented? Yes, who doesn’t?

Do you have a high pain threshold? Define high. Haha! I can cope with a bikini wax but that’s about the only pain I can cope with.

What book do you recommend most to others? I don’t think there’s one book that I recommend to others. Everyone I know is going through different things and has different personalities. But if I do, then it’s probably a Sophie Kinsella book.

Which lesson has been the hardest to learn? You can’t control everything and everyone. People have their own paths to follow and stuff to figure out. And not everybody will treat you with the same respect you give to others. Same, with what they do as well. 

What food sums up happiness? Thai Green curry. It smells divine and warms you up from the inside. It’s a dish full of love.

What have you never understood? People.

What is one thing you want to know before you die? The French language. 

Are you scared of dying or what happens when you die? Touchwood, that won’t happen for a while. But, isn’t everybody?

Quinoa or Quavers? Quinoa. My body is a temple and all that.

I came across these questions in the back of Stylist mag with Little Simz and I thought I’d share the philosophy too. They’ve been fun to do and if you’re a fellow blogger out there have a go and tag me in it. I’d love to see what answers everybody has. Comment below what has been your hardest lesson to learn and how you dealt with it.

Love, Aoife xo