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Journalism and Me, by Aoife Morgan

Curiosity is a natural human trait. It’s a trait that causes us to question certain things and to find out more about others. Journalism is an industry fuelled by curious minds. It’s curious minds that write and create. And curious minds that watch and read.

It’s curiosity that has led me to discover new, exciting and hidden things. Growing up in London, in the heart of where everything is happening, I’ve had the freedom and ability to explore as much as I possibly can. Going out on the weekends with my Dad, we would always visit a different part of London or go to an exhibition or temporary event. There was always so much to do and explore.

Fashion is a subject that I’ve always been interested in; it’s the way we present ourselves, the way we describe and express our creativity. It’s a rich theme in journalism from reporting on the new Season trends from the latest Fashion Week to documenting the makings of Christian Louboutins. Everything about fashion and its industry fascinates me.

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